Acne Scar Treatment Through Laser Surgery

Acne scar is the result of severe acne on skin and it is termed as permanent. This acne scare can be removed easily with the help of laser nowadays. LASER means Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation and this will be used in the removal of acne scar successfully. This laser beam is capable enough to cut, seal and also vaporize tissues of skin along with blood vessels. This laser beam also comes at enough wavelength of light to ensure the required intensity and duration of the light pulses. This is very effective, but very time-consuming process and results cannot be seen overnight. Another important issue with this laser acne scar removal is that it cannot remove the scar completely. It can lighten the appearance of a scar to an extent that it cannot be seen at first instance. On close observation one can sense the scar impressions on skin. Depending on the intensity of the scar it may take a year in reducing the appearance.

There are mainly two forms of acne scar laser surgeries that can be seen available. In one form, ablative laser will be used and resurface the skin. In this, laser will heat the top layer skin tissue. This way the affected skin tissue with scar will be burned to vanish. In another form of surgery laser will be used in treating acne scar lesions. In this process left out bacteria underneath to scar also will be eliminated. Through this surgery, it will help in eliminating total bacteria of acne from the skin successfully. This will also reduce secretion of sebaceous oil in the skin glands.

The second form of acne scar removal method is purely non-wounding laser surgery procedure. In this method skin gets adjusted on its own to the treatment without creating any wound over on it. Burning of skin also will not happen in this method. The problem with this method is its associated side-effects. Recovery period in this surgery is quite early. Clear light and smooth beam are the different methods that are available in acne scare laser surgery. Both methods are approved by FDA. This acne scar laser surgery is nowadays treating many patients all around the world and gained more popularity than earlier.

The best part with acne scar laser removal is its clarity from created scars and reduction of left out acne bacteria underneath the skin. This way one can gain two benefits through this procedure. The main constraint involved in this surgery is cost and time. It demands more time and money for the treatment. This is the main problem with this surgery and surprisingly we can see many people going for it. The imparting side-effects along with this surgery are purely temporary. Also, keep in mind that the scar cannot be removed totally. Still some impressions of the scar will be left on the skin after the treatment. This impression only can be seen though close observation. Acne scar laser surgery gained popularity very quicker than the expected.

Source by Ramana Rolla

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