Four Common Chinese Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus

In fact, these Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus are so good that many people still prefer using them today rather than the high-tech treatments now available.

There are four very popular Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus that are still in use today. We will give you a brief description of each so you can select the one that is best for you.

1. Damp off


atractyloidis, alismatis, cinnamomi, citri reticulate, glycyrrhiza, jujube, magnolia officinalis, poly polus, poria cocos and zingiberries recens.


These types of Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus will eliminate infection caused by fungus and yeast by reducing dampness in the skin. In addition, it can also boost the performance of your spleen and the entire gastrointestinal system. It can even cure diarrhea and gastritis.

2. Fungo off

Components: atractylodis, alisma, capilaris, cicada molting, citrus peels, citrus viride, dictamnus, gypsum, kochia, phellodendron, plantago, poria, scute and tokoro


These Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus are highly effective in fighting moniasis infection, yeast infection and fungal nail infection. It eliminates the source of the infection by wholly eradicating the fungus.

These are considered more effective than modern medications. Like many other Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus today, the fungo off treatments are available in capsule form and costs about 40¢ per capsule.

3. Fungo balm

Components: cnidium, gypsum, kochia, sophora ans licorice and zinc oxide.

Effects: The fungo balm Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus acts by eliminating the dampness of the body especially on the skin of the feet.

By removing the moist environment that is the breeding ground of fungus, the fungo balm is able to prevent the further spread of infection and gradually eradicates the fungus from the body. These Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus can be purchased in 60-gram jars costing less than 30 dollars each.

4. Fungo lotion

Components: borel, cnidium, dictamium and melia mixed in a solution of vinegar and sugar.

Effects: The fungo lotion works in conjunction with the fungo balm in reducing the skin’s moist surface. This has to be applied to the infected toenail or fingernail shortly before applying the balm. Just like the fungo balm, the fungo lotion costs about 30 dollars per 60ml jar.

All of these Chinese home remedies for Nail Fungus can be purchased at your local organic health shop or Chinese herbal stores. You can even buy them online from some websites. No matter which of these Chinese home remedies for toenail fungus you choose, you can be sure that it will be highly effective and you will see results very quickly.

Source by Chirs Parker

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