How Effective is Eucerin?

If you have a sensitive skin, this product is meant for you. Eucerin is used for anti aging treatments and reduces wrinkle and fine lines growth. According to Eucerin review, it contains parabens which can be really harmful and cause even breast cancer. Hence, the best way to go about this product is to see all possible Eucerin reviews and weigh the pros and cons of the product.

About Eucerin

Eucerin is used for anti aging treatment especially for the sensitive skin types. The product comes with Coenzyme Q10 and is quite helpful in getting rid of wrinkles and free lines. The official website of theproduct also offers list of ingredients used in it and the list seems to be full of chemicals that may harm the skin. To start with, the company has used paraben which performs the function of endocrine interrupter in the body. Also, the companies of skin care product should avoid the use of parabens as they can lead to development of breast cancer. Moreover, the surface of the skin gets coated with paraben and the complexion gets damaged severely. And since the usage of product daily may lead to harmful breast cancer, it is advised even in the Eucerin reviews to avoid it.

How to apply?

The product application is simple like mosy of the anti aging creams. The product should be applied in circular motion over the face and in upward direction in the neck area. Around the eyes, ring finger should be used to apply the cream till it gets absorbed. This is so because eye area is the most sensitive part and the ring finger is least powerful. So the chances of damage are hardly any.

Apply the cream before going off to sleep.

Expected Results

The results expected from Eucerin are a wrinkle free skin without any traces of fine lines. The presence of Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin is good for the skin and hence show great result over the puffy skin. Tropical skin care patients should not use the cream as it contains paraben which would not suit them for sure.

Unfortunately, the ingredients in the cream are not at all apt for anti aging as they contain so many chemicals. Also, with so many chemicals in the product how the cream is good for sensitive skin is a mystery.

Indeed Coenzyme Q10 is the best ingredient in the product which acts as an antioxidant and neutralizes the free radicals that happen to be under the skin surface. If more scientifically proven products would have been used in the product, it would surely be as good as the website Eucerin review claims.

Overall Impression

The biggest advantage that the product carries is that it is easily available even in the drug stores other than the online retail shops and its official website. However, since there is no customer review available on its official website, it becomes difficult to trust the product. Secondly, no option of free trial is available with the product. The most important fact about the product is that it contains harmful paraben which may even lead to breast cancer in the future.

On the whole, it can be said that Eucerin contains ingredients that have high content of chemicals. Even though the company claims that its product is for sensitive skin type, people with tropical skin problems and even aging issues should avoid it as it contains parabens which are harmful to health. One has to remember that paraben is unhealthy and can lead to breast cancer if used daily. Thus, it is important to check the reviews of the product before buying it.

Source by Aunindita Bhatia

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