How to Cure Pimples – Learn How to Cure Pimples Permanently

The subject of how to cure pimples gets a lot of attention, because many people want to know the answer to this baffling question. Most people think just applying some sort of acne product will do the trick.

While I’m not denying this isn’t important, it isn’t the long term solution to getting rid of acne. Here are some long term lifestyle changes you should make to alleviate this problem.

Stop worrying

First, believe it or not, worry actually increases the likelihood of pimples. One of the main ways to get rid of it is to work out, and I know this from personal experience.

Even just a half hour workout daily such as walking is often enough to do the trick, and for best results, try doing something outdoors.

Even better, take up a sport you love. Going days on end without working out just makes the stress worse, not to mention that exercising improves your overall health, and is one of the best ways for how to cure pimples permanently.

Avoid going to the doctor

Some say to visit a dermatologist, but I don’t believe this is necessary. Often times, they will suggest unnatural treatment methods, and the truth is, simply eating healthier and exercising is good enough to clear up your skin. The reason is, your skin is really just reflecting your bodies health.

The healthier you are, the clearer your skin will be, and vice versa. Dermatologists will often times give you some temporary fix, but being healthier is the real solution.

Foods to avoid

Make sure to lower the amount of sugar you consume; this is one of the best ways for how to cure pimples. If you eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid meat and dairy products, you should be safe.

If you do have to get sugar, make sure to do so with natural organic dates or raw honey, and not ice cream, donuts, and other sweets. The latter are very harmful to your skin, not to mention your health overall.

Get outside more

The last solution might sound a little odd, but just getting more sun and fresh air actually does great things for your skin. This is because your body is able to make more vitamin D, and it also helps you to not worry so much.

When you combine working out with the outdoors, as I suggested before, you can see just how powerful this can be. To test this out, try spending a whole day cooped up in an office behind your desk, and come home and eat donuts and ice cream; I guarantee you won’t feel very relaxed.

Now, spend some time exercising outdoors after your work day is done, and see what your stress level is. These are some of the best long term methods for how to cure pimples. They might not work immediately but they attack the root causes as opposed to the temporary solutions on the market.

Source by Kalid Wilson

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