How to remove acne marks from the face?

The act of squeezing and squeezing blackheads and pimples leaves marks on your face, which are acne scars. These can be small holes scattered on the forehead, cheeks, side of the face and on the chin, which do not come out on their own, needing specific treatment.

Acne scar treatment can be done using creams and remedies that need to be applied to the face daily, but other options include treating with acids, microneedles, lasers, and fillers, for example. Learn how they are made and when each one is indicated.

1. Creams and remedies to put on the face

The dermatologist may indicate the use of creams that promote the formation of collagen to place on the face, every day, after cleaning the skin properly.

Good for:  teens and teens who still have blackheads and pimples on their faces. Treatment generally takes time, because while new blackheads and blackheads are developing, treatment will need to be maintained. For this reason, in this phase, you must clean the skin in an aesthetic and use the creams and lotions indicated by the dermatologist daily, to keep the skin clean, hydrated, without spots or scars. When the adolescent still has many pimples, but it is already possible to notice that there are some scar marks remaining on the skin, the acne treatment should be redoubled, in order to prevent more scars from appearing.

2. Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion

It is a type of exfoliation made with small equipment with a diamond tip or with aluminum oxide crystals, which sand the skin removing its outer layer, leaving the face thinner and more uniform. This increases the performance of fibroblasts and collagen production that firm and support the skin, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. This peeling of the outer skin allows a better entry of acids and creams indicated to complement the treatment with this type of product, although microdermabrasion can also be used in isolation.

It is good for: People who have acne scars, which form small ripples on the face, this being the most common type of acne scar. The downside is that you have to do the treatment every week and the total treatment time is uncertain. But in any case, this type of exfoliation helps in the regeneration of the skin, and leaves it firmer and the moisturizing lotions penetrate better, having more results.

Acid peeling



3. Acid peeling

It consists in applying in applying acidic substances directly to the skin to be treated, leaving it to act for a few minutes. As a result, the skin flakes off and a new layer of skin is born, firmer, without spots and smooth. The treatment is strong and permanently removes the deepest scars from the skin. Learn how this treatment is performed and the necessary care.

It’s good for:  People who no longer have any pimples or blackheads on their faces, over the age of 30, which is when the skin becomes more saggy, further evidencing scars on the face. It is an excellent option for those who have many scars on their faces, with different depths. The number of sessions required can be a maximum of 15, performed once a week.

4. Microneedles with DermaRoller

This treatment consists of running the DermaRoller, which is a small roller filled with small needles in a row, throughout the scarred region, in the vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions. The small needles penetrate all the skin, causing small wounds, which when healing will form a more uniform and smooth skin, because it promotes the increase of new collagen fibers in the injured skin.

Good for: People who have mild or moderate acne scars, who do not have any blackheads or blackheads, and who endure the discomfort caused by needles slipping on their skin. An advantage is that the DermaRoller can be bought in beauty supply stores or online, and can be applied at home, although better results are achieved when the treatment is done by experienced professionals.

5. Laser

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Treatment with various types of lasers are indicated to remove acne scars, good examples are CO2 lasers, Erbium-Yag and Nd: Ag, for example. In this treatment, the therapist will place the laser on the area to be treated and will emit some shots that cause little pain or discomfort. With the laser there is an alteration of the collagen fibers that leave the skin smoother at the end of the 3rd session, and the result is maintained for more than 1 year.

It is good for:  The laser has the advantage that it also removes acne spots, but this treatment must be done by a dermatologist or a specialized physical therapist.

6. Filling the skin with hyaluronic acid

It is a treatment made by the dermatologist and consists of applying injections to the face, in order to remove the points of fibrosis that are the cause of the depression that gives rise to the scar, unifying the skin. The injections may contain fillers such as hyaluronic acid, acrylate, or the person’s own fat, for example.

It is good for: People who have acne scars that do not change their shape by stretching the skin and who do not want to carry out other treatments.

7. Plasma injection



It is a treatment that consists of applying injections to the entire area to be treated containing blood and plasma from the person himself. This treatment can only be done by the dermatologist and has very good results, although its use against acne scars is not very common. The person’s blood fails to be fully absorbed by the body and a clot forms, which will form a reorganization of the hematoma, producing new collagen and fibrin fibers, and as a result the holes in the face are being filled and the result is skin. firm and uniform.

It is good for: People who are not afraid of needles and cannot carry out any other type of treatment.

To start any treatment to remove the marks left by the pimples, you should consult a professional such as a dermatologist, specialist physical therapist or beautician because they will be able to indicate the most appropriate treatment, taking into account the age, the type of skin the person has, the depth of the marks and the availability of time and financial that the person owns. The ideal is not to adopt only one treatment, but to mix 2 or 3 options to achieve better results, faster.


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