How To Use Items Right From Your Kitchen To Treat Acne

There are so many different acne solutions to choose from due to extreme marketing efforts by the beauty industry. There is always massive competition among them in order to outdo their competitors in claiming that they have the all-in-one best treatment for acne.

But none of us are sure whether the skin solution industries have taken into consideration how much the users stand to benefit from their coveted products that they are targeting to sell to.

The truth is, most of them do work but they actually damage your skin in the process. This is due to the chemicals they add into their skin solutions for quick-fix results as desired. In the end, you lose a lot of money investing in such products and most importantly, your face!

There are many natural and safe ways to treat your acne and inexpensively in the comforts of your own home. You needn’t even need to worry about any possible side-effects of harsh skin cleansers or strong antibiotics.

It has become a common myth that acne is not caused by dirt. The irony of it is that those with acne probably have the cleanest faces of all. This is because they are probably following the multi-step systems of acne treatment products which involve deep cleansing of your face and using moisturizers and etc.

They actually don’t realize that some damage has been done due to over cleaning of the face. It will over stimulate the sebaceous glands and cause more spots to appear and further exacerbate the skin condition.

Because sebum or oil from the sebaceous glands are produced more than normal and as a result it mixes with the keratin cells along the hair follicle resulting in clogging the pores. This leads to inflammation and thus acne.

I’m in for natural. Yes, treat your acne the natural way. It’s the safest way and definitely you will be rewarded for your efforts ultimately albeit the time taken to heal your acne will be longer.

You can actually treat the condition with foods you may already have in your very own kitchen cabinet. So now coming to the core of this article, here are some natural and very traditional ways of treating and curing your acne and at the same time keeping your skin in the pink of health.

1) Make an egg yolk mask

Egg yolk can help to remove excess oils from the skin. It has vitamin A which is one of the natural ingredients your skin needs. It is beneficial for scarring. It also contains vitamin B2, B3 and zinc.

Vitamin B2 helps to reduce stress which is one of the known culprits to induce acne. Vitamin B3 helps to increase the blood circulation giving you a healthier skin. Zinc aids in boosting the immune system which helps to heal and prevent future acne breakouts.

So now that you know the benefits of egg yolk, let’s look at how to apply it. First separate the egg yolk from the white and stir it to break it up a little. If your skin is dry, you can add some olive oil and warmed honey to it.

Then you apply the yolk with a cotton ball or pad to your acne spots and leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can also apply it using your fingertips. But you must make sure that your fingers are clean. Wash it off thoroughly with cold water after that.

2) Lemon Juice and Rose-Water

Lemon, a citrus fruit contains some anti-bacterial properties in vitamins C and B, citric acid, carbohydrates and some amount of protein. As there is citric acid and even though it’s mild, it may still sting or temporarily irritate your skin when it is applied.

So it’s best not to apply it directly on your skin. For best results, you can dilute it with rose-water. The citric acid in lemon also works as a mild skin peel which helps to reduce the oil on your skin and remove any dead skin cells.

Rose-water has been used in the beauty industry for a very long time. Its anti-inflammatory properties have propelled it to be a must in any cosmetics and medicine. It’s a natural ingredient which is very gentle on the skin and has tremendous skin-enhancing benefits.

Rose-water is made by isolating the plant’s indispensable oil through the process of steam distillation. The benefits of rose-water are aplenty. It is a rich source of antioxidants which helps to strengthen skin cells and redevelop skin tissue. As rose-water is naturally gentle on the skin, people with sensitive skin stand to benefit from this a lot.

Rose-water can act as a moisturizer for those who have dry skin. It’s pleasant aroma has rejuvenating and healing effects too. This pleasant smell could be probably coming from the sugars found in its petals has soothing effects and the natural oils help trap the moisture in the skin resulting in smoother and younger looking skin.

So what do you get when you combine both of them? Definitely the benefits multiply! Depending on the type of acne condition you have, if you have mild acne, you can mix both of them well by adding equal amounts and apply them over the troubled spots with a cotton ball.

If you have moderate to severe acne, you can increase the amount of lemon juice and mix them well with rose-water. This is because lemon juice is the heavier dosage with its presence of citric acid and would probably need more of it to deal with deeper skin blemishes.

After applying it and leaving it for about half an hour, rinse it off thoroughly with some warm water and dab your skin dry gently. You will really get to see amazing results if you try this for a month.

3) Sour Cream-Yoghurt-Oatmeal-Lemon Juice Combo

Sour cream and yoghurt? Yes, you heard it right. Even though they are under the category of dairy product, one of the chief culprits of acne, they both do have a good side of them.

Sour cream is a natural skin lightener. It acts well on any pigmentation of the skin. Yoghurt itself has some antibacterial properties and vitamins. It is a by-product of milk from the process of fermentation by bacteria.

It’s antibacterial properties help to kill bacteria and strengthen our immune system. Thus it makes an extremely effective antibiotic agent.

Oatmeal has been included in this concoction. It has natural soothing and moisturizing properties. It’s dry in nature. So it has the ability to absorb oils and also helps in the exfoliation of the skin by removing dead skin cells. The natural lubricating fats in oats allow oatmeal to be a great moisturizer. This leaves a thin layer of protection on the skin.

You would have already known the benefits of lemon juice as mentioned above.

All you have to do is mix it up well with one tablespoon of sour cream, yoghurt, grind oatmeal and 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice. With the resultant paste, apply it to the face for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off.

4) Groundnut Oil and Lime-juice

Groundnut oil contains natural antioxidants namely tocopherol, tocotrionols and sterols. They each have nutritional importance and also highly rich in proteins. It is also very high in fatty acids which help to keep the skin young.

Lime-juice has its natural fruit acid in citric. It dries up excess oil and promotes peeling of the upper layer of your skin. This is because they contain flavonoids and vitamin C and they both are antioxidants.

They act as exfoliation and detoxification agents which aid in sloughing off dead skin cells and flush out any impurities from the pores to promote new skin growth.

Using groundnut oil and lime-juice is easy. Add one tablespoon of lime-juice to groundnut oil and mix them well. Then apply it directly onto the troubled spots using a cotton bud to prevent further outbreaks. If you have blackheads, then this mixture will help to remove and prevent it.

A point to take note is that this mixture may not be that suitable for those who have sensitive skin. The acidic nature of lime-juice might give some irritation on the skin. Apply if you must, then add a lesser concentrated lime-juice.

5) Honey and Cinnamon

The benefits of honey are limitless. Honey is such a common household name at it is almost involved from anything you can consume with to anything you can apply to. Honey has been used as a traditional remedy for multiple ailments for a very long time.

It has been used to apply to wounds or any infections as upon contact, it forms hydrogen peroxide within the honey and slowly releases it to the skin where it acts as an antiseptic. It’s a great anti-inflammatory agent that prevents infection.

It is excellent for treating oily acne prone skin. The natural humectants it possesses help keep the moisture in your skin. Honey feeds the skin with its natural nutrients and plays a big role in eliminating the bacteria that causes acne. It is also known to heal acne without leaving behind any scars.

Cinnamon is one of the world’s oldest spices and it’s considered a miracle spice. Of Sri Lankan origin, it is the best spice available for its nutritional values and health benefits because of its high anti-oxidant activity. It’s healthy and healing properties come from the active components in the essential oils found in its bark.

So before you mix both of them, make sure you choose a natural creamed honey for making this paste. A manuka honey would be preferred. Mix the honey and cinnamon powder together to make a fine paste and apply on the pimples overnight.

Wash it off the next morning with warm fresh water. You might see some activity taking place. Please do not touch the spots or try squeezing them else it will only lead to infection. Repeat this procedure for the next 2 to 3 weeks and your acne will disappear slowly and surely.

So there you have it. These are the most common items that can be found in anyone’s kitchen cabinet. They are all very cheap and yet very efficient in helping you to clear your acne.

Please do not expect overnight miracles to happen with these natural acne treatments. That would be only possible for those who have mild acne. For those who have moderate and severe cases of blemishes, you must be patient and keep your discipline in check. Follow the procedures daily without fail and your efforts will be truly rewarded in the end.

And you save a lot of money!

Source by Sunil Visvambaram


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