Mole Removal Through Homeopathic Means

Moles are nothing but tiny growths that appear on the skin, as a result of melanocytes which are the cells responsible for producing pigment in the skin. In general there are mainly two types of moles, Common acquired Nevi and Congenital Nevi. We can take a look at each one of them in adequate detail. Common acquired nevi are the ones that appear more frequently. The numbers of these nevi increase as the person ages and remains the same throughout life. Apart from the very common conventional treatment of moles, recently a lot of people have also resorted to homeopathy means for mole removal. We must thus try to know how exactly homeopathy can help in mole removal.

The homeopathy treatment specializes in the treatment of the person as a whole. This is the reason why a homeopathic doctor does not start the treatment unless he thoroughly understands the medical history of the patient. When it comes to treating some of the chronic ailments, a doctor also takes into consideration its miasmatic tendency. The medicines thus given should not be regarded as the ultimate solution for the treatment of moles, as it just provides a therapeutic affinity. A few of the popular homeopathic medicines along with the summary of the conditions under which they are used are listed below. Let’s have a look at some of the common medicines which are of popular usage in homeopathic treatment.

Pulsatilla: Generally administered towards women with weeping tendencies and having mood changes. It is used to treat pale colored moles. Flat patches that are of the size of a thumbnail and are brown in color are also found.

Aceticum acidum: This medicine is usually given to the patients who have symptoms of anemia or some other severe debility. Diminished sensibility on the surface of the body, along with pale colored spots as well as pale skin is observed in such patients.

Thuja occidentalis: Moles that itch profusely and sting as well are generally treated by this homeopathic medicine. Patients generally show emotional insensitiveness as well as develop moles that are red and spongy.

One of the other popular homeopathic medicines includes the use of sulfur to remove moles. Symptoms like experiencing burning all over the body as well as itching may be looked up at by the doctor. There is a high possibility of the itching being aggravated in case when one continuously scratches the mole. If the doctor finds the patient to have rose-colored moles and also if the patient is found to be lazy then a medicine named carbo vegetabilis is usually given.

Besides the options of homeopathy treatment that have been stated above, there are a lot of home remedies available as well with the help of which moles can be removed. One of the treatment options that has been proved to useful is the application of Vaseline on the mole. In the next option, a mixture of castor oil and baking soda is applied on the mole and is left that way all through the night. For those who do not have much time to implement all these remedies, can place a small piece of garlic clove on the mole and cover it with a bandage. Applying a piece of freshly cut lime on the mole will help make it lighter, in case that is the only thing one wishes to do.

In conclusion, I have tried to give you a good mix of homeopathy as well as home remedy options for mole treatment. Before going for costly options like the removal of mole by surgery, one must give the above mentioned methods a try.

Source by Daniel V Perry

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