Photo Facial Benefits for Every Age Group

Photo Facials offer benefits for every age group

Don’t let the name fool you, photo facials have nothing to do with cameras. “Photo” simply means light, and comes from the Greek root “to shine,” and these facials are a way to get your skin to do just that; shine. Using intense lights set to pulse in specific patterns, Photo facials send light energy to carefully targeted sections of your face. This light triggers cell growth and the production of collagen, softening the appearance of aging skin, helping to repair marks or spots, and leaving you with fresh and healthier skin. This exciting new treatment can help with so many different conditions that people of any age group can improve their skin with a photo facial. After all, healthy and attractive skin is important to people of all ages. Here’s a breakdown of some of the benefits each age group can enjoy.

The Teen Years

For many teenagers, good skin sometimes feels like luck of the draw, and some teens are cursed with acne breakouts that never seem to go away. Facials can provide an ideal treatment alternative – they not only clear up acne but help lessen acne scars or marks as well. After a facial, the existing acne and bad skin peel off after a few days, revealing healthy and smooth skin underneath. The boost in collagen production helps the skin heal quickly and stay smooth and healthy for longer. This is a great alternative to the expensive and harsh prescription drugs, and has practically no risk of side effects.

20s and early 30s

When your teen years are behind you, photo facials continue to offer remarkable benefits. If you suffer from mild acne scars, enlarged pores, rosacea, sun damage or unwanted freckles, this could be the treatment for you. New advances in the technology behind facials mean most faces get noticeable results in only one or two sessions. Having fun can be tough on your face; too much sun, too little sleep, and too much time away from home can all do a number on your skin, but that’s no reason to stay at home. A small time investment and a quick treatment can be just the thing to help your skin bounce back from whatever life throws at it.

Late 30s through the 50s

Being a responsible adult doesn’t mean you have to look like one, and photo facials are a dream come true for adults who want to look good but don’t want to put their life on hold to do it. Sun damage, redness, uneven skin tone, and fine lines are unavoidable consequences of a life well lived. A short photo facial can remove a variety of common skin conditions, so if you catch any sneaking up on you consider a photo facial to send them packing; before they have a chance to make themselves at home. If your skin is generally healthy often one treatment is all you need, making photo facials a great go-to option for nipping skin problems in the bud.

60s and up

Your golden years are the time to kick back and enjoy life; take some time to treat yourself to healthy and radiant skin. An amazing method for treating broken capillaries, age spots, redness, veins, liver spots, and wrinkles, photo facials are one of the most exciting anti-aging treatments around, and help to keep your skin looking as young as you feel.

The new collagen that forms helps soften the appearance of aging skin by improving texture, adding volume, and reducing wrinkles. Best of all it’s safe, easy, and low-impact, allowing you to return to what matters most right away. Regular photo facials can make your skin look and feel years younger, and will leave people wondering what you’ve done differently – without being able to quite put their finger on it.

No matter what age group you find yourself in now, or what skin type you have, photo facials can provide you with some remarkable benefits.

Source by L R Lindsay

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