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Now that we are coming into summer our faces will be subjected to a lot more sun. The sun can cause serious damage to your skin and it is important that we get into a good skin care routine when we are still young to prevent the damage the sun can do to our skin.

The first step to healthy, sexy skin is making sure that you are well hydrated. If your body is dehydrated you can beat that your skin is not doing so well. So 8 glasses of water a day is the first step to hydrate your skin and your body will love you for it as well! There is also now some scientific proof that what you eat can affect the condition of your skin. So if you don’t want to change your diet just because it’s better for your diet then do it so you can have lovely healthy skin! Try to avoid foods that are high in artificial and natural sugars and fats, especially artificial colour and preservatives. Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are the best way to go!

Now that you have grabbed a piece of fruit and a glass of water the next step to great skin is getting into a good skin care routine. When choosing your face care products you should be looking for products that are as close to natural as possible. You may have to try a few to get the one that is right for you but most of the skin care products now come in trial packs. Finding a good product with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer is probably the best kind of skin care. You will need a good exfoliant as well. If you can’t afford or can’t find a good exfoliant then you can make one at home. Now don’t be embarrassed if you can’t afford it, everyone goes through through tough times and no one else needs to know that you haven’t got expensive products. So the ‘make at home’ exfoliant that is really good is this: Mix Honey, Turmeric, and Organic Unrefined Salt, Rub it gently on your skin and wash off. The Turmeric is actually really good for spots at well. So if you have a spot or two come up Mix Honey and Turmeric in a little bowl and rub on your spot and leave on over night. Put a dark pillow case on your pillows just so the tumeric doesn’t stain your nice white pillow cases. Your spot will almost be gone in the morning and the pain will be gone!!!

Suncream is a really good idea. You need to protect your skin especially your face when ever you go into the sun. There are numerous products for your face that will protect your skin from the damages of the sun. Use a foundation with SPF protection if you don’t want to use suncream. Even if it’s over cast – wear protection! It is really important not just for your skin’s health but your own as well.

Keep your face clean is the last step to Great skin. Don’t leave your make up on over night. This creates blockages in your pores which cause pimples. So wash your face morning and night and moisturize even if you haven’t got make up on, your sweat and foreign dust and dirt can still cause problems for your skin.

Source by Christine Turley

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