Zinc PCA For Penis Pimple Removal

I am positive that there is an effective way of removing and treating penis pimples out there, a few minor bumps is will not cause me distress and am not particular in how fast it works, as long as it works.

I looked around and stumbled upon tons of written articles and pictures, and of course I also found people asking the same questions in several different places, and I replied on those posts as best as I could.

One of them was a 15 year old worried about the blisters and redness of his penis right after masturbation. I didn’t know if it was the blisters he was worried about or if it was not being able to masturbate to see if it’s masturbating that is causing it.

There also was this one guy complaining of two zits, one on each of his testicles. And the guy actually ran some experiments, squeezing on zits and pulling out hairs and taking a look at the roots and comparing it to the root of a hair he plucked off someplace else. I found it funny that he is scientific about it. I’m imagining him go “Sample 1, the hair plucked from the pimple of my left balls, Sample 2 B, a nose hair. Analyzing both samples brings me to the conclusion that they are the same”

Just a word of caution though. Do not squeeze or pull anything, but if you do, be sure you wash your hands clean to prevent infection or spreading of bacteria.

I found it funny because I too might have done the same things because of lack of idea what to do and because I am worried sick.

If you read my other post ‘Are Pimples on the Penis Normal?’ you will know that it’s sebum, the very same substance that makes the skin supple and the hair shiny is what actually collects itself to form a pimple on clogged pores when the sebaceous glands that produces them gets over active and clogged. Excess in anything, even excess of something good can also be bad.

I am not aware of any other way of stopping the sebaceous glands from getting overly excited to produce more and produce excess sebum except to tell it to chill but frequent washing should help in preventing the pores from clogging.

One of the things I found out on the web is that these glands are actually regulated by something called Zinc PCA which is natural based, does not dry and damage the skin and based on studies, is found to work well in removing pimples. So if there’s anything to look for, look for something with Zinc PCA in it.

Source by Raki Morales

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