Cream For Acne

When skin pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells, acne comes into the picture as blackheads, whiteheads and pimples or in severe cases becomes inflammatory resulting in deep scars and disfigured cysts.

Acne can be treated with Over the Counter non-prescription medicines like the acne cream besides of course ample fluid intake and a balanced diet. Acne cream normally has the following ingredients- benzoyl peroxide, salicyclic acid, sulfur, resorcinol. It is essential to use acne fighting products that fights existing acne and controls eruption of potential acne. The ingredient benzoyl peroxide is highly effective and aids in reducing acne by clearing out the dead skin cells.

However, one distinguished side effect observed due to its usage is excessive dryness of the skin. It is thus important to apply acne creams not more than mentioned or if advised otherwise by the dermatologist/physician.

Another prominent ingredient is the salicylic acid. This component is highly used in the treatment of non-inflammatory or mild acne and basically aids in unplugging the pores by treating the abnormal skin cell shedding issue. However, one of the most highlighted side effect of salicylic acid is that it irritates the skin.

Other common ingredients in acne cream are a mixture of alcohol, which had a mild antimicrobial property, and acetone, which is a degreasing component when used with alcohol, though use of acetone itself, with no alcohol, has no effect whatsoever on the skin. Another frequently used ingredient in acne medication is resorcinol which aids in preventing further acne outbreaks.

Resorcinol is often used with Sulfur, another popular ingredient, which is also used along with alcohol and salicylic acid. Sulfur though is not as frequently used as other ingredients due to its unfavorable odor.

Acne cream therefore normally has these ingredients, or a mixture of some of these ingredients. It is advisable though that if certain Over-the-counter medications result in irritation or abnormalities in the skin, use of such medication to be stopped immediately and if required a dermatologist to be approached for further consultation, so as to prevent scarring of the skin and future outbreaks of acne.

In females, one way of controlling scarring due to acne is to control using greasy make-ups, and washing the face with warm water at least twice a day. Many of us are fond of picking or squeezing the eruptions on our skin, which unfortunately will result in infection, inflammation and scarring of the skin. Thus any form of fiddling with acne, be it via make-ups or simple touching it, or scrubbing the skin would lead to scarring. Also, one potential risk, though rare, as identified by doctors is that squeezing acne, example a pimple may lead to infection and can even infect the brain thus causing unforeseen complications.

As with other diseases, acne is contained best when treated early and carefully and mild acne can be controlled by using suitable medications like an acne cream. Persistent approach to medication, a healthy lifestyle mainly a definition of balanced diet, sufficient water and stress-free environment works wonders for the whole body system including the skin.

Source by Jen Carter

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