Home Chemical Peels – 5 FAQs

After undergoing years of damage from exposure to the sun and tanning booths, men and women find their skin has become blotchy, wrinkled, or leathery. Chemical peels can remove this build-up of dead skin and stimulate the regeneration process to reveal fresher, healthier skin. Below are 5 FAQs about home chemical peels.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a process where a variety of chemical solutions are placed on the skin to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. It can be extremely helpful in treating skin suffering from photo aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and rosacea. After a peel, there will be a marked improvement in the appearance of fine lines, as well as in the texture and tone of the skin. Pore size is reduced, blemishes clear, and the skin exhibits a healthier, rejuvenating glow.

Myths and Facts about Home Chemical Peels

Myth: “Anyone can administer a chemical peel.”

The Reality: Not so. A peel causes an injury to the skin and caution must be taken to not use inappropriate acids or cause scarring.

Myth: “All skin peels are the same.”

The Reality: Just as skin issues and skin types are very different from individual to individual, so are skin peels – are you AHA sensitive? Glycolic acid and lactic acid must be timed and neutralized and not all skins tolerate as well. Do you have an aspirin sensitivity? Salicylic acid is a form of the same ingredient that is in aspirin. What is your Fitzpatrick? Dark skin will easily hyperpigment if the incorrect acid strength is used – fair skin could burn too much.

Your Best Option: Professional Chemical Peels

There are many contraindications to consider before applying chemical acids to the skin.A professional will be able to assess your skin more appropriately.You would not want a massive outbreak of herpes that could potentially scar your skin!

Three Types of Chemical Peels

There are three types of chemical peels. Progressive peels do not cause immediate exfoliation and remove only the outer layer of skin. With repeated treatments, the skin begins to experience mild sloughing. Mid-depth peels affect the skin to a deeper level, and exfoliation begins to occur within two to three days with light flaking similar to the peeling seen after mild sunburn. There is very little down time with a mid-depth peel. Deep peels affect the deepest intra epidermal layers. The skin will peel in large segments instead of flaking. The skin may become brown and crusty before peeling, which occurs three to four days after application. The process usually takes about seven to 10 days.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone will benefit from a  chemical peel followed by home corrective skin care. Results will be most dramatic on those with an accumulation of dead skin cells and photo damage. However, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have been prescribed Accutane in the last 12 months should avoid chemical peels.

By using chemical peels to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the process of cell regeneration, individuals see new, fresher, healthier skin. Almost all find marked improvements in the skin’s tone and texture after a chemical peel. They are also easy, convenient, and affordable.

Source by Rhonda Allison

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