Probiotics and Intestinal Problems – Natural Herbal Colon Cleanse and Probiotics Solve Many Ailments

My Last Doctor Visit

There comes a time when we must not only be aware of our bodies , but aware of what our bodies need. They tell you to be prepared when you go to the doctor to share and discuss all your issues so the doctor can best determine your problem and needs. Well, I strive to do this successfully, but continue to be amazed at how often the information falls on deaf ears.

I want to present a recent problem I had where my doctor gave me the statement, “Well there is no treatment for this, and you just have to wait for it to pass.” I thought, “Wait for it to pass! That’s easy for you to say. You do not have this problem. Has I was heading to the lab for some tests , I thought, why do I bother to come here and spend my time and money for this.”

Diagnosis Murder

She later diagnosed my health issue, after I left for the lab tests, and sent it to me by nurse carrier. It seemed I had something called “pityriasis rosea.” She also noted that there was no treatment and the ailment could last 1-2 months!

My first thought was, “No treatment?” If they could find the condition, why could they not determine a treatment? This was very dumb founding. How could she state there was no remedy before seeing my lab results- impossible.

Thank God for Google. I looked up pityriasis rosea and it just simply reiterated my doctor’s diagnosis, “There is not known solution and you just have to wait it out.”

Second Opinion

According to the American Association of Dermatology it is a rash that occurs most commonly in people between the ages of 10 and 35, but may occur at any age. The cause is unknown. Pityriasis rosea is not a sign of any internal disease, nor is it caused by a fungus, bacteria, or an allergy. Pityriasis rosea often requires no treatment and it usually goes away by itself. However, treatment may include external or internal medications for itching.

The rash can last from several weeks to several months. It may occur at any time of year, but pityriasis rosea is most common in the spring and fall, creams do not help because it is not a fungus. My doctor issued me a prescription for the itching and told me to use calamine lotion.

Again, I thought, “There is no treatment and how can this last several months.” The appearance was deplorable and the itching was unbearable. I could hardly stand this another day.

Third Opinion and Walla!

I continued to research and saw that this was associated with a similar problem known as rosacea. Very similar in appearance and, guess what? There were recommended treatments. Vitamin B, enzymes and PROBIOTICS! Most of all, probiotics. And, it seems there are some bad bacteria involved with the problem. My experience is that when there are bad bacteria, you simply employ probiotics as the solution.

Implementing Plan B

The recommended dosage was 4 billion active organisms twice daily. I started right away with 2-500 million size capsules and repeated every 4 hours 4 times daily. I increased it the next day to 4- 500 million organisms twice a day the next day. The first day there was little or no change. But, one the second day I started to notice the itching was not as bad and the areas that were causing me pain did not hurt as bad.

I thought about why I was having this problem, now. I had recently completed a natural herbal colon cleanse and used probiotics during the entire process. So, why was my body experiencing this type of issue just following an herbal colon cleanse? I had been feeling great just days before the skin problem erupted. Get it? Erupted.

Who Would Have thought It

I was not satisfied with my findings. I went back to Google and found an article that was a revelation. The article stated that the author, who was a reputable authority on the colon cleanse and probiotics, gets questions about the necessity to take probiotics during and after a cleanse. And his answer is simple: Yes, definitely – we must take a probiotic during and after cleansing.

WELL! I never was told or read before that you had to continue the probiotics after the colon cleanse. During a colon cleanse, friendly bacteria is removed, as well as toxins. The cleanse pushes all the junk out of our body, but it doesn’t discriminate between toxins and good bacteria. As a result, there is a bacterial imbalance in our GI tract, which can cause a host of other problems.

We MUST Replace The Good Bacteria

You see, there are billions and billions of different micro-organisms and bacteria that exist together in our gut. This vast system of bacteria works together and is crucial to the overall health of our body. It indirectly and directly affects almost every other organ in our body. If there is an imbalance, we feel sick, sluggish, and drowsy. We will not get all the nutrients we need, as our digestive system loses its effectiveness, so we suffer malnutrition. The waste is not leaving our system properly, thus we have skin problems.

To replace these friendly bacteria, most people who do a cleanse take a probiotic during cleansing. One usually takes the probiotic supplement 2-3 times a day, and a hour before or after the colon cleanser . Of course the specific procedure differs depending on the probiotic, so make sure you read the guidelines listed. It’s also recommended to continue taking probiotics after cleansing is over.

Probiotics should be taken during colon cleansing, as well as other cleansing or detoxification regimens such as liver, kidney, and especially candida. Everyone who does a cleansing regimen always takes probiotics to replace the friendly bacteria and maintain a healthy colon by populating the intestines with beneficial bacteria.

The Pot of Gold

That was my problem. I did not continue with the probiotics after the colon cleanse. To make a long story short, I continued the probiotics another week or so and the problem cleared. I spoke to my doctor about the findings and she dismissed it with no comment. She simply said the skin problem passed in 3-4 weeks as expected. I told her that the problem did not start to subside until I started the probiotics regimen.

Remember, the colon, intestines, gut or what have you, has a great impact on our health. We cannot overlook the importance of a healthy colon, but we now know that we must replace the good bacteria or other issues may arise. There is a great marriage between the colon cleanse and probiotics. The probiotics go on after the honeymoon is over to finish the job properly.

Source by George I Johnson

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