Ringworm Infection

Catching ringworm is uncomplicated, simple and annoying. Treating ringworm can be just as simple and hopefully not annoying. You can catch ring worm through physical contact with another person who is contagious, from another person’s property that has been touched by a person who is infected, through household animals and some domestic animals like cattle. You can also catch it through swimming sources and places that are kept damp and warm.

There are many types of ringworm, you can contract the body type of ringworm that affects your body with round red circles that itch and can be flaky, the scalp type that leaves some baldness, the groin type, the fingernail and foot type. Each has some similar symptoms but each also has their own personal traits. Itching, redness and flakiness are common among most types of ring worm.

Prevention is all about being cautious with your personal belongings and not sharing anyone else’s things. Washing often after physical contact in things such as sports or when petting an animal. Being careful in places like locker rooms or dance studios.

Once you have contradicted the disease it can take two to four weeks to get rid of most types of ringworm. Some people believe that a doctors treatment of oral medications or creams for the infected skin is what they need to rid them self’s of the disease. Other people believe that home remedies are effective like washing the area with medicated shampoos and using a blow dryer to kill the fungus. Keeping the area completely clean and dry and repeating the procedure until the symptoms are gone. Some will purchase over the counter anti fungal creams and use them on the affected area. Tea tree oil is another product that many swear by to cure ring worm. Older remedies are things like salt and vinegar mixes that are used repeatedly.

With research you can find a numerous amount of advice and comments on this subject. If the ring worm is bad or getting worse a physician is your best bet to get it under control and then get rid of it for good. Changing your bed linens every couple of days is also a way to control ringworm. Pillows, sheets and blankets that have been exposed to ring worm should be washed in very hot water with a small amount of bleach. When drying your bedding use the hottest setting there is on your machine to help kill the fungi. This includes washing the mattress cover and you’re hard to wash comforter.

You will also want to clean to your body and hair with medicated, antibacterial or anti fungal soaps that contain tea tree oil which will help rid you of the ring worm. Ring worm on the scalp is usually treated with shampoos that contain selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione these are used two to three times a week. You can use home remedies and doctor medications along with scalp, skin or foot topical treatments.

Ring worm is a disease that you must aggressively follow after and treat until it is gone. It is annoying and time consuming sometimes to take care of the beddings and other steps to rid you of ring worms but it is very worth the effort.

Source by Sonya Ryer

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