Rosacea Facts – Smoking and Rosacea

Here’s some good information for smokers who are struggling with Rosacea. If this sounds like you and you’re sick and tired of having painful, blemished skin, then read this short article now. It could be the Rosacea cure that you have been looking for.

Rosacea Facts – Smoking and Rosacea

As with most things concerning smoking, it is easy to assume that it is going to be bad for Rosacea sufferers. We may believe that it could be the underlying cause of the condition, or at the very least a trigger for Rosacea.

But that may not be strictly be true!

Whilst there ARE known problems related to smoking and Rosacea, which I shall reveal in a moment, studies have shown that smoking cigarettes could actually help Rosacea sufferers.

A number of reports have been issued recently which have claimed that for certain inflammatory diseases, including Rosacea, the anti-inflammatory qualities of cigarette smoke could have a beneficial impact on the condition.

Did, you notice that I said ‘a beneficial impact on the condition’, and not ‘a beneficial impact on the smoker’? For Rosacea sufferers, the negative impacts of smoking far outweigh the benefits. So, I’m not suggesting for one second that you should go out and start smoking or even give up on your thoughts of quitting the dreaded weed.

The impacts of smoking and Rosacea

It is well known that smoking depletes the skin of vitamin C, which is and essential element in the creation of collagen. It then accelerates the cross linking of that collagen and the hardening of elastin, both of which could be playing a role in your Rosacea.

Next, inhaling cigarette smoke, even second hand smoke, has been shown to create free radicals in staggering amounts. These free radicals gradually break down and destroy the capillary structure of the body. This often results in a decreased flow of oxygen to the surface of the skin.

Finally, smoking interferes with the body’s vascular system. Nicotine, the component of cigarette smoke which most of us are familiar with, interrupts natural vascular function causing the tiny blood vessels that nourish the skin to constrict and reduce blood flow to the skin. The body notices that the skin is becoming starved of the oxygen and nutrients being transported in the blood and sends out a signal to compensate. It does this by enlarging the existing vessels and also growing new ones. This then leads to an increase in facial flushing and a raise in the frequency and intensity of Rosacea flare ups.

To summarize, while there may be a very slight chance that smoking could help your Rosacea, the negative impacts on the condition are huge. So, if you can find a way to kick the habit, then do so as soon as possible.

Source by Joanne Faulkner

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