Skincare Tips for Women in Autumn

When the seasons are changing, some girls may feel very uncomfortable and many skin problems might occur. Here in this article, I will share some tips with you to spend this autumn safely.

Clean your face with gentle cleanser.

Before we start this issue, the first thing we should figure out is why we have to clean our faces. It is necessary to remove redundant oil and wastes while it’s important to leave enough natural oil to moisturize the skin. Meanwhile, our skin produces oil according to the temperature – when it’s hotter, the skin produces more oil and when it’s cooler, it produces less oil.

In autumn, it becomes much cooler and in the morning you should choose a gentle cleanser instead of the one you have been using for all the summer days. Cleansers with less foams or no foams will gently remove the dirt and redundant oil while leave a soft and tender touch.

Reduce the frequency of exfoliating.

In summer, most of us do exfoliation one or two times a week. In autumn you should reduce the frequency of doing so and I suggest at most you can do it once a week. This is because our skin is much more sensitive in autumn and spring than in other seasons.

You need protection.

In autumn, your skin needs more protection. In summer, we often use hydrating gel or fresh lotion but in autumn, we should consider changing skincare products.

Try to find some soothing products; they can help your skin calm down and bring enough water to your skin.

On the other hand, you can’t ignore sun screen in this season. Actually every girl should apply sun screen everyday no matter it’s summer or winter.

Note: sunlight is the most essential fact which makes your skin grow old, so please form the habit of applying sun screen every day.

Prepare a bottle of hydrating spray in your office.

Air conditioner brings us cool wind and meanwhile it takes away the water in our skin. A bottle of hydrating spray will be useful in your office. When you feel dry and uncomfortable, this spray will immediately sooth the skin. However, after you apply the spray, please drain the redundant spray with facial tissue or you will lose more water.

Keep a happy mood.

Actually, the most essential fact which influences your skin is your own mood and pressure. When you feel down or are under stress, you body will automatically help you to discharge the toxins and that’s why acne and freckles appear.

Nothing could compare with a good mood. When you are looking forward to the future with positive attitude, your skin will shine.

Source by Ginyard James

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