Tired of Living in a COPD Treatment Torture Chamber? Be Kind to Yourself and Treat it Naturally

The fifth most common disease and the fourth leading cause of death all over the modern world, is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. Besides being deadly, COPD disease can also be very debilitating.

Better than fifty percent of COPD patients say that they’re severely hampered in even performing such ordinary task like household chores, social activities, sleeping, anything requiring physical involvement such as sports, or even taking a walk.

I don’t want to focus on what is COPD, how you get it, or it’s dangers, but I would like to warn you not to listen to the uninformed opinions of persons who say it can’t be cured and it’s victims are destined to lead to a lifetime of dependence on oxygen therapy, inhalers, and corticosteroids. Let’s see, what else does modern medical science offer for a COPD treatment? Oh I almost forgot, lung surgery, and if your real lucky maybe a lung transplant.

Some lung treatment huh? My dear sir, we’ll try the surgery but what your probably going to need, is a new set of lungs! So there your name sits, at the bottom of a long list, waiting for some nice person to meet an untimely death. That’s the modern method of COPD treatment! Never fear, holistic medicine offers hope.

There are so many ways to naturally alleviate the symptoms of COPD even if you haven’t been able to stop smoking yet, and holistic remedies in many cases can cure this disease allowing you to gradually reduce your dependence on medications. I know a cure may sound like too much to ask, but it’s not, if you can distance yourself from whatever originally caused the disease, while taking advantage of several natural COPD cures at the same time.

To start with, the most convenient, least expensive, yet most powerful natural cure for COPD would have to be the elemental miracle, and why anyone with COPD who found out about it would neglect to immediately start reaping the benefits from it, is beyond me. Even though the elemental miracle is capable of eliminating this disease all by itself, the best plan of attack would be to use it simultaneously with the other natural remedies for COPD, listed in the following summary.

*Hydrogen Peroxide has been relied on for over a century to heal every disease known to man, especially COPD. Those with COPD related ailments seem to prefer inhaling it. All you do is put a 3% solution in an inhaler and take it several times a day, or you can receive the same benefits through taking it internally, by mixing a quarter teaspoon in a glass of water and drinking it three times a day on an empty stomach. Also you can take a soaking bath with hydrogen peroxide mixed in with your bath water. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is always the recommended form to use, but do plenty of research about it before you get started.

*MSM is helpful in so many ways and works great for COPD due to it’s ability to squeegee clean the bio-films that build up in the lungs. To get started take a tsp. 3 times per day with lots of water. Slowly increase the dose until you can tolerate a tbs. at the same frequency, and continue taking it that way everyday.

*DMSO mixed fifty percent with water in an inhaler, is reported to be a very effective natural method for reducing buildups in the lungs, which helps to eliminate many of the symptoms of COPD.

*Colloidal Silver is very helpful for COPD patients, especially in those suffering from chest infections. Patients claim that by using it in their inhaler as soon as their sputum changes from clear to yellow, it keeps the infection from advancing any further.

*Virgin Coconut Oil has been found to benefit those with COPD. It can be taken a few teaspoons at a time with meals and in juice or tea as needed to help thin out mucous, and/or for opening nasal passages.

*Thyme drank as an herbal tea offers much in the way of relief to people with COPD. It helps to clear upper respiratory infections in addition to relieving other COPD symptoms.

Never underestimate the power of herbs as a COPD treatment because there are so many that are very beneficial such as Licorice, Indian Tobacco, Garlic, and Marshmallow, to name just a few of the more favored ones. Whenever an expectorant is needed, use Eucalyptus for loosening excessive mucous to make it easier to cough up. Next time before using oxygen for COPD, put a couple of drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in a humidifier and breathe in the air to quickly resolve any breathing difficulties. Those suffering from COPD say it’s an excellent way to fore go having to use oxygen.

I know it can be hard, but try to stay upbeat while trying to manage your COPD. These holistic remedies will work, and fast. The ones I’ve covered are in my opinion some of the best for COPD, but there are so many others. You don’t have to discontinue your prescribed COPD treatments, just make up a program of natural remedies to take right along with your prescriptions, and your need for all of those nasty chemical medicines, will just fall away.

COPD disease is a tough one, but why not attack it with natural remedies? They’re better than any of those prescribed lung treatments and they’re guaranteed to be safe. They’re also reliable and fast acting, and can be used collectively to insure s faster more effective recovery. Still, a person can die from drinking too much water, so start out slow and gradually increase, but keep it within the recommended protocols. Just don’t give up, do plenty of research on all of the various holistic choices, and never believe the propaganda you hear about COPD being incurable, because in many cases it’s not.

Source by Jay Geary

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