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The phrase acne comedoniano natural treatment is actually associated with the term comedones which in laymans terms are blackheads and whiteheads. Comedonal acne is the type of acne in which blackheads and whiteheads are very prominent.the skin of the chin and forehead are usually affected by this type of acne. It is very common in teenagers and some older adults.

Comedones are skin follicles that get clogged with dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Blackheads are open comedones exposing the dirt and grime as the blackhead. Whiteheads are closed comedones where the dirt and grime are still in the follicle causing irritation around the skin or even infection.

Natural peels that aid in exfoliating the skin are helpful with natural treatment for comedones. They are also helpful in the treatment of acne blemishes, large pores, pimples, and reducing acne scarring. They work much like expensive department store exfoliants by helping the skin shed old cells. Peels also help diminish fine lines, improve the texture of sun damaged skin and lighten dark spots.

Black currant seed oil or Evening primrose oil, Echinacea, calendula, tea tree oil in topical form, and goldenseal are natural ingredients thought to help in the control of acne naturally. Tea made from lavender or chamomile may be helpful if stress triggers your acne comedones. Tea made from equal parts of the herbal extracts of sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, and cleavers is thought to be helpful. Honeysuckle flower is an herb recommended frequently. Aloe vera is recommeded both topically and orally.

Green tea is a popular way of naturally treating comodenal acne and other diseases of the body. Green tea has antioxidants that help the body rid itself of harmful toxins that aid the development of acne vulgaris. Some people believe you can rid your body of toxins by relaxing in an herbal footbath. Releasing toxins through the foot is a thought to be a means of detoxification. An herbal footbath can be made from a simple mix of herbs such as dandelions, licorice, and garlic mixed into hot water.

Some naturists believe that you should try giving up coffee and sodas. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and it is much better to substitute fresh fruit and vegetable juices, water, and drinks with antioxidants such as green tea. They will help keep the skin healthy and hydrated and help flush the body of toxins that make acne worse. Avoid too much oily food, sugar and salt. Drink lots of water and healthy juices, at least 8 glasses daily to bring freshness and a new glow to your skin. Cleansing your face and body on a daily basis is also necessary to get rid of dust particles and bacteria that can excaberate acne.

Green clay and black mud are excellent treatments for all types of comedonal acne. Both are available in stores and can be used like soap. Green clay and mud can be mixed with water and this mixture can be applied to face and other affected areas as a mask. Oatmeal is also a popular treatment for comedonal acne.

Some naturists believe that detoxification helps in the treatment of acne. Detoxification may involve special diets to cleanse the system of toxins by restoring the intestines to proper functioning. Colon cleansing may be a helpful step in detoxifiying the body to rid it of acne lesions. Natural remedies should be less likely to cause the adverse side effects that generally accompany many of the current medications prescribed today.

Many dermatologists do not believe there is a connection between what a person eats and comedonal acne. This could be true for most people but most people aren’t the ones with acne, a few adults have acne, and when you are one of the few acne naturists believe it does matter what you eat; that you suffer from acne because your body’s chemicals or hormones are out of balance Your body’s efforts to restore it’s natural balance cause excess sebum oil to be produced. Acne comedoniano natural treatment is based on the belief that to become and stay free of comedonal acne you must do everything you can to help your body get back in balance.

Source by Irsan Komarga

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