What Causes Rosacea and How To Get Rid Of It

A lot of the time, a blush can bring out a healthy glow in a person’s skin, making them look younger and, depending on the reason for that blush, happier. This may look nice for a few minutes, but if you’ve got that blush permanently, you might have a small problem on your hands.

If the skin on your face is always red, you could have a condition known as rosacea. There are a lot of different causes of this disease, but they aren’t as clear as we’d like them to be.

Since it is far more likely for people of northwestern European descent to get rosacea, it is believed that a tendency for rosacea could be hereditary. In fact, in earlier days, rosacea was once known as the “curse of the Celts.” You might think that there isn’t much wrong with having a permanently red face; and if you’re not too particular about these kinds of things, it really isn’t that big a deal.

However, rosacea doesn’t just end at red skin. A person with rosacea is also prone to getting rosacea breakouts, where red pustules or papules appear on the skin. On the question of how to get rid of rosacea, there is no single catch-all cure.

There are a lot of different kinds of rosacea and the treatments for rosacea usually vary from type to type. This condition usually doesn’t directly threaten a person’s life, but because it alters a person’s appearance, it can affect their quality of life and how they feel about themselves.

In the more advanced stages of this particular disease, a person could get rhinophyma. Rhinophyma is actually a benign tumor that grows slowly on the tip of a person’s nose and is caused by the increase in size of the tiny glands in the skin that secretes oil. When it occurs, someone’s nose turns red, large, and bulbous, and it really doesn’t look very pretty.

One great way to avoid this is to catch your rosacea at a relatively early stage and to have it treated immediately.

Treatment and maintenance for rosacea can often be a lifelong matter, but sometimes, if a person is really lucky, their rosacea can permanently go into remission or resolve itself over the course of the treatment. Even if it is possible to get rid of rosacea though, most of the time, all that rosacea treatment can do is arrest the development of the disease.

Aside from heredity, another one of the possible causes of rosacea is neurological. This means that the problem might not actually be with the skin per se, but with the neurons that control whether or not the skin becomes inflamed. In rosacea, some scientists believe that sensory neurons are hypersensitive, which leads to the flushing and increased blood flow to the skin surface that characterize one of the most obvious aspects of this condition.

There actually isn’t any solid information on what the exact cause of rosacea is, but there are a lot of things that can trigger rosacea breakouts. These breakouts are usually what make rosacea such a chore of a disease to deal with.

Every now and then, depending on the presence and frequency of the triggers as well as the type of rosacea a person has, breakouts can occur.

When people have rosacea breakouts, the skins on their faces can turn even redder, grow thicker, get pustules or bumps, or even get irritated and gritty eyes from the swelling. Some also say that they experience a tearing or burning sensation on the skin of their face, especially around the eyes.

These symptoms can be very troubling, especially since they can make a person look different and feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

However, there are treatments and procedures that can help a person keep their rosacea breakouts under control. There is no surefire answer to how to get rid of rosacea, but there are a lot of different ways to manage the symptoms at least, and usually, these ways can vary wildly from case to case.

Treatment for rosacea usually has to be especially tailored by a doctor to fit the individual case. There are a lot of different medications and topical creams that a person can apply, for example, so that they can deal with the bumps and the redness.

For flare-ups and maybe for initial treatments, some doctors and dermatologists also prescribe antibiotics that a person can take orally. Once rosacea breakouts are under control though, usually, all that a person has to do to make sure that they stay in remission from their symptoms is apply specially formulated creams to their skin.

Whatever measures you might want to take to keep your rosacea under control, all you need to do is remember that this kind of condition can require a bit of maintenance. One of the most obvious aspects of this is to try and avoid the causes of rosacea and rosacea breakouts as much as possible. How to get rid of rosacea entirely and quickly though, is still a matter that’s up for debate, so if you find anything that claims to help you get rid of it right away, take it with a grain of salt.

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