Wrinkle Cream For Men

Men probably aren’t going to go shouting from the rooftops that they use anti wrinkle creams. No men will be standing in line at the grocery store sharing tips on which wrinkle cream works best for men. Guess what though…Men use wrinkle cream, and they care about how their skin looks, too. Surprisingly, however, almost no wrinkle cream manufacturer markets directly toward men. Hopefully this changes soon, and if it does, the following characteristics will separate the successful wrinkle creams for men from the ones who don’t make the cut.

A very important factor that will make a men’s wrinkle cream successful is the packaging of the product. Men have egos. These egos are not going to allow a pink tube of cream with an image of a woman’s face to sit in their medicine chest. It’s just not going to happen. To eliminate this “sales killer”, a men’s wrinkle cream has to be in a manly looking package. It can be elegant and classy, just not feminine. Make it black or silver, or maybe even dark blue. This may seem silly, but it really isn’t. Men want to be buying a product that looks like it was made for them. Girly colors and images will stop men from buying, even if the product works very well.

The second factor that will determine a wrinkle creams appeal to men is the scent. This is probably the most obvious difference that a man and woman want in a wrinkle cream. Forget flowers and bath oil type of scents. A men’s wrinkle cream needs to smell masculine or neutral. A citrus scent is fine, as well as mint or unscented. It might also be interesting if the men’s wrinkle cream had a scent of cologne, like the aromas of men’s deodorants… Spicy or musky scents, for example, might encourage men to buy.

The strength or concentration of the active ingredients in the wrinkle cream should also be increased, in order to satisfy the needs of men. Usually, men have a higher resistance to medications and treatments than do women. For example, a man might need a higher dose of aspirin to get rid of his headache. The same applies to skin treatments. A successful wrinkle cream for a man, should have a very high concentration of active ingredients. Some wrinkle creams for women already have high concentrations, and it is these types of formulas that should be emulated for the men.

The target symptoms for a men’s wrinkle cream are a bit different than those of women. Women’s wrinkles are not quite so deep, but they care more about the very fine lines around the eyes. For men, the focus should be on helping lift out the very deep wrinkles men sometimes get on their neck and crows feet areas. Also, the frown line area of men should be targeted too. Primarily, since men seem to have more sun damage than woman, and have deeper wrinkles in the crow’s feet and neck areas, those should be the main targets of the cream.

Lastly, but certainly a very important aspect of the wrinkle cream for men, has to be effectiveness. Simply put, a men’s cream really has to work. The patience level of a man is short enough, but when trying a “beauty” product, they will be much quicker to abandon the treatment if they are not seeing immediate results. Probably this is because of the somewhat uncomfortable sensation they have when trying something out of their usual realm. Like all consumers, men are going to demand that the product is effective on removing their wrinkles. If the product doesn’t work, word will spread quickly, and no men will be purchasing the cream at all.

The factors that were discussed in this article are some, but certainly not all, of the necessary components of a successful cream for men. The differences in packaging, scent, target areas, and strength will make a cream more attractive for men to purchase, and hopefully, more beneficial for them to use. With any luck, the wrinkle cream market place will be seeing more products marketed toward men, so that men too, can stay young looking and healthy. By Mark A Robbins 

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